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Who I Am ?

I am Jecina Sarmin an Interior Architect . I am a kind of person who loves creativity.therefore, all my designs are made with great care and live.

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My Education and Occupation

I graduated in BA (honers) in Interior Architecture from Shanto Mariam University of Creative Technology . I am  a Business person.  Running some organisations which is my passion and obsession .

How I am ?

Too much emotional, loving, caring, honest, creative, hard working, business minded, Kind and generous……

My Social Activities

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Jecina Sarmin

Interior Design

As i am an Interior Architect i will give you all so many Interior related tips and ideas . I am sure you will like it and it will help you to improve your knowledge about interior design.

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I love to travel. When I get time I try to get out for travel .
In this section I will write so many things from my travel experience.
Also I will give you tips about traveling.


I am not only a designer also a Business Person . I will give you so many ideas to improve your business knowledge and ideas so that you can get confidence to be an Entrepreneur .


I am going to write some blogs which is related to life and lifestyle . I wish you all will like it . I will also accept guest post on this section. If you are interested to write you can contact with me .

My Works

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C   L   I   C   K        H   E   R   E        T   O         V   I   S   I   T         A   L   L        D   E   S   I   G   N   S

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